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Crochet and Hyperbolic planes w/ Daina Taimina November 7, 2009

Filed under: conversations — Fleur Sauvage @ 7:14 pm

I had the pleasure to meet with Daina Taimina, of Cornell University who came to Concordia University in Montreal this week to give a talk on maths and crochet, We also discussed intellectual property in the art world versus the academic world.
Daina has been creating these marvelous crochet hyperbolic planes as a teaching tool for non-euclidean mathematics. Her pieces are now also known as works of art, crossing the boundaries between the academic and artistic world, for our delight!

Look for her work at:http://www.math.cornell.edu/~dtaimina/hypplanes.htm

She also inspired a large scale project by the IFF in L.A. for the creation of a crochet coral reef to raise awareness on environmental issues. This project raises ethical questions around referencing, and naming collaborators in large collective artworks.

The IFF website: http://theiff.org/reef/index.html

What an inspiration! Negative curvatures will most definitely be incorporated in this taggers crochet vocabulary!

Daina T.