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Industrious knit graffiti coopted in Ireland April 25, 2010

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Check this out:
Vodafone Ireland

A voir! commercial pour une compagnie de téléphone Irlandaise, tout yarnbombing!
En espérant que ce project saura en inspirer d’autre d’envergure! ciao


Once upon a Time… October 18, 2009

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There was a little tricoteuse who decided to tag the vast land she threads. She started humble, with a crocheted tribute to a dear friend, then a tag in the beautiful city of Victoria, while on a visit. Now, she’s taking over the streets of Montreal.

Call it an art project, or a playful investigation in mark making and community building, these ‘ludiques’ pieces are a gift, a celebration, a way to reclaim the urban landscape and make it warmer, fuzzy, and hopefully place a smile upon your face.